In terms of culture, from all the Mahgreb countries, Tunisia is the one with deepest eastern roots. Tunisia contains the legacy of the Andalusian music that the expelled population from Al Andalus, mainly Muslims and Jews, brought there from the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a country with a great cultural crossbreeding. Nowadays Tunisia vindicates its amazing music legacy at the same time that is looking for renewed ways to look at the future, mixing their own rhythms with those coming from Italy and the rest of the world.

Lotfi Bouchnak is the maalouf great master, a musician who stays true to his roots, a self-taught artist with an imposing presence on stage, generous with the audience and music. Bouchnak is also acknowledged in the Arab music scene as one of the greatest singers at present.

Fawzi Chekili is a multi-instrumentist taught in the European tradition. He plays the guitar, the piano and the laud. He is a music professor and has found in jazz music the style that joins all his preferences.

Sonia Mbarek is known by the Tunisian audience since her childhood. Mbarek has performed all the Tunisian music styles, from the classic ones to the operetta. She has finally opted for the maalouf, becoming one of the greater figures of this style.

Ziyed is a gutsy musician, absolutely devoted to the creation of a very personal language where all his energies and thoughts are captured. Ziyed is influenced by reggae, dub and drum & base.  

Leyla Hjaiyej, also known as Lady Taarab, takes roots in the Taarab chant, from the scholar tradition. Hjaiyej has performed on stage with a lot of the greatest singers at present, not only classical but also from the pop scene.

Riadh Fehri was born in Halfaouine, a working-class neighbourhood from the capital. Fehri grew up listening to the eastern sounds at the cafes as well as the music his parents would listen: mainly the maalouf from Tunisia and the traditional styles from his country. This combination helps to explain where his music comes from an also to unveil the reasons why he understands music as a bridge to strike up dialogues.

Badiaa is a Lebanese singer who has global and intense influences such as Oum Kelthoum, Fairuz, Bjork or Zap Mama. Using these references she creates a very personal musical language where she vindicates the value of life.



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