Surrounded by the Red and the Arabic Sea, the Republic of Yemen emerges as one of the most emblematic music sites in the Arab world. Yemen is the place where the enigmatic Queen of Sheba was born and there the colors of its music spread all over its geography due to the great variety of its music types. This documentary is a beautiful and charming experience conducted by Lamya Abdulhadef Al Zubayri. It portrays the eager of the Yemeni musicians to preserve their traditional melodies as the homayni, which comes from Sana and it´s very popular at present, or to cultivate the thousand-year-old art of the oud. They also have combined these classic genres with new ones such as rap or electronic music.

-Abdulbasset Al Harethi: Since he was a child he´s been interested in the art of the oud whose performance, very personal, he kept polishing until he founded the first orchestra band of Sana, the Yemen´s capital. For this orchestra he has composed several national hymns as well as some folklore music. During his music training and later in his professional career he has collaborated with Korean and Egyptian artists.

-Sharaf Al Qaedi: He´s a virtuous of the Eastern lute and his voice is deep. His music repertoire shows influences from the Yemeni songs in particular and from the Arab songs in general. His talent and acknowledgement have brought him to different European venues, where he has performed in Spain, London or Paris.

-Jameela Saad: The warm and hypnotic voice of this young artist accompanies the oud that she´s been playing since she was 10. She´s an outstanding figure of the Yemeni song and her precocious artistic career has led her to complete a wide discography where her music, full of sounds and lyrics that inspire emotion and feeling , has conquered the most demanding audiences, both young and adult.

-Fouad Ali Al Shargabi: He´s the founder and director of the Yemeni House of Music, a public institution devoted to preserve and document the Yemeni song. Since he became director of this institution, Al Shargabi has compiled about 40,000 Yemeni songs from all genres and ages, including songs which were created at the shore of the Arabian Sea, the pastoral songs from the mountains or the most traditional and classic chants.

-Hagag A.J. Masaed: He´s been a precursor of the Yemeni hip-hop and has created a different and peculiar sound, featured by the particular combination of rap and traditional instruments such as the mermar, a very old type of flute. He´s a master in fusing the Arab folklore music with his own poems, written and sung in English. Masaed has brought his songs all over the world. In his lyrics, he fights against injustice, hate and terrorism.

-Abdulrahman Al Akhfash: Descendant of a family of musicians, this young artist started singing at a very early age. His voice and melodies build a bridge between different cultures, keeping the Yemeni identity and its music roots at the same time. With almost ten records already edited, his popularity spreads all over Yemen, due to both his traditional Yemeni music recordings and his own compositions.

-Shouruq: Born at the harbor city of Aden, this singer and actress recovers the traditional Yemeni music heritage and combines it with new rhythms and electric sounds creating an innovative music style within the contemporary music scene of her country. She has created an original language where she has managed to harmonize the sound roots of her land with the technology of the electronic music.

- Naif Awath: He started his music career singing at weddings and family meetings where he soon obtained the admiration and acknowledgement of the audiences. His performance of the Yemeni lute, his vowel intonation and his catchy melodies, are at the basis of his very personal music language. He keeps an outstanding position within the fruitful generation of singers who were born in Aden.

Awadh Ahmed: His vocation for music appeared at the age of 8, when he started to imitate the great figures of the song of those days. As a result from that experience and his later learning, Ahmed started to give voice to the verses of the Yemeni poets. These songs spread through the radio stations and soon were known by large audiences. His unique voice range, his music talent and his vowel mastery puts him amongst the most important musicians in the Arabian Peninsula.


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