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The Two Cities
Khalil Gibrán (1883 - 1931)

Life took me up on her wings and bore me to the top of Mount Youth.  Then she beckoned and pointed behind her.  I looked  back and saw a strange city, from which rose dark smoke of many hues moving slowly like phantoms.  A thin cloud almost hid the city from my gaze.

After a moment of silence, I exclaimed:  "What is this I see, Life?"

And Life answered:  "This is the City of the Past.  Look upon it and ponder."

And I gazed upon this wonderful scene and I saw many objects and sights:  halls built for action, standing giant-like beneath the wings of Slumber; temples of talk around which hovered spirits at once crying in despair, and singing songs of hope.  I saw churches built by Faith and destroyed by Doubt.  I spied minarets of Thought, lifting their spires like the upraised arms of beggars; I saw avenues of Desire stretching like rivers through valleys; storehouses of secrets guarded by sentinels of Concealment and pillaged by thieves of Disclosure; towers of strength raised by Valor and demolished by Fear; shrines of Dreams, embellished by Slumber and destroyed by Wakefulness; slight huts inhabited by Weakness; mosques of Solitude and Self-Denial; institutions of learning lighted by Intelligience and darkened by Ignorance; taverns of Love, where lovers became drunk and Emptiness mocked at them; theaters upon whose boards Life acted out it's play, and Death rounded out Life's tragedies.

Such is the City of the Past--in appearance far away, though in reality nearby--visible, though barely, through the dark clouds.

Then Life beckoned to me and said, "Follow me.  We have tarried here too long."  And I replied, "Whither are we going, Life?"

And Life said, "We are going to the City of the Future."

And I said, "Have pity on me, Life.  I am weary, and my feet are bruised and the strength is gone out of me."

But Life replied, "March on, my friend.  Tarrying is cowardice.  To remain forever gazing upon the City of the Past is Folly.  Behold, the City of the Future beckons..."




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