We arrived at Alexandria.

After meeting musicians in Cairo, we went to Port Said where was waiting for us the band El Tanboura. Then, in Asyut, we were invited by Sheik Ahmed El Touni a sufi ceremony and now here we are in Alexandria.

From the Metropole hotel, we have a wonderful view on city’s seafront and I imagine that Constantine Cavafy from that same spot was writing, maybe about the city…

Fermin Muguruza

The City

You said, "I will go to another land, I will go to another sea.
Another city shall be found better than this.
Each one of my endeavors is condemned by fate;
my heart lies buried like a corpse.
How long in this disintegration can the mind remain.
Wherever I turn my eyes, wherever I gaze,
I see here only the black ruins of my life
where I have spent so many years, and ruined and wrecked myself."

New places you shall never find, you'll not find other seas.
The city still shall follow you. You'll wander still
in the same streets, you'll roam in the same neighborhoods,
in these same houses you'll turn gray.
You'll always arrive at this same city. Don't hope for somewhere
else; no ship for you exists, no road exists.
Just as you've ruined your life here, in this
small corner of earth, you've wrecked it now the whole world through.

Konstantinos Kavafis


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