Al Jazeera starts broadcasting documentaries directed by Fermin muguruza

AL JAZEERA DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL will start broadcasting next week the documentaries about Arab music directed par Basque musician and documentalist Fermin Muguruza.

The series of documentaries, named NEXT MUSIC STATION, is the outcome of all the encounters done by Muguruza and his team with more than 80 musicians of 9 different countries in 2010, reflected in 11 documentaries which broadcast will start now on Al Jazeera Documentary Channel in Arab and as of April on Al Jazeera English.

Egypt I: Cairo, Egypt II: Nile, Morocco I, Morocco II: Casablanca; Lebanon I, Lebanon II: Beirut, Tunisia, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen and Sudan are the documentaries which form the series, and which, as Muguruza himself claims, will help us to know these countries through their music but also to understand better the reason of all the revolts which affect the region right now.

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Broadcasting schedule for March 2011:

- Egypt I March 10, 2011      First run 17:00 GMT    Second run: March 11, 2011@ 11:00 GMT

- Egypt II March 17, 2011       First run 17:00 GMT   Second run: March 18, 2011@ 11:00 GMT

- Bahrain/Kuwait March 24,2011  First run 17:00 GMT Second run: March 25, 2011@11:00 GMT

- Yemen March 31, 2011      First run 17:00 GMT     Second run: April 1, 2011 @ 11:00 GMT

You will be updated with the broadcast time of the remaining parts as we receive the schedule from the Programming department.


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