Anjel Katarain, Fermin Muguruza y Jordi Abusada

Anjel Katarain, Fermin Muguruza and Jordi Abusada

The Basque singer and filmmaker FERMIN MUGURUZA after visiting Palestine and makes the documentary called “Checkpoint Rock, songs from Palestine”, decides to travel around different countries of the Arab world.

As the working name of the series means: “NEXT MUSIC STATION…” is the proposal of travel and know people and countries trough the music. In each station which can be a city, an area, or a specific style of music in a region, Muguruza will meet a friend who will guide and introduce the music of the area and the most representative musicians who are creating the music landscape of the XXI century. The diversity and rich cultural heritage of each station will show a new image of different parts of the world, unknown to the general public, where the tradition and the new trend of music, walk together in the same way of respect and communication. Only knowing and respecting the different cultures of the world, we will build a new relation system between the countries. “NEXT MUSIC STATION…” will try to contribute to this aim.


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