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Explosive cyclogenesis and Cairo

This adventure could only start this way, with an explosive cyclogenesis. I prefer not talking about our Donosti-Madrid flight and telling you that it has been a few days that we are installed in Cairo.

Two things make me think about last year Granada Film Festival.

First thing is that during the festival, Mexican director Arturo Ripstein told me that when he first arrived to Cairo to meet Naguib Mahfouz (after he produced « El callejón de los milagros » (The Alley of Miracles) directed by Jorge Fons and also directed « The Beginning and the End”, the two movies based on Mahfouz novels), he felt really close as Cairo was beating at the same rhythm than Mexico City. And I had exactly the same feeling.

The second thing was that Montaser Marai, Programs Director of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, was waiting for us a tour arrival to Cairo. It was him who, a few months after our first meeting during the projection of « Checkpoint Rock. Songs from Palestine » with the Alhambra as background, offered me to make this project.

We needed an hotel that inspire us since the very beginning and we found the Om Kolthoom, where every room has the name of one of its songs, and from there, every day, we were absorbed by "The Victorious" or « he Mother of all Cities» as Egyptians call Cairo, mixed with its 25 million inhabitants.

Fermin Muguruza


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Fermin Muguruza: «Tengo una relación de confianza con 'Al Jazeera'»

Fermin Muguruza Con Natalia de Ancos, sede central de Al Jazeera[Diario Vasco] El incansable Fermin Muguruza (Irun, 1963), agitador rockero (Kortatu, Negu Gorriak, Dut, Brigadistak Sound System, Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema), productor musical o realizador de documentales, tiene un nuevo reto: 13 filmaciones musicales en Líbano, Siria, Argelia, Túnez, Marruecos, Egipto, Kuwait, Omán, Yemen y Sudán. La propuesta es de la cadena de TV Al Jazeera, de Qatar, para su Documentary Channel. El encargo tiene que ver con el documental 'Checkpoint Rock' que Fermin elaboró con otros colaboradores en la ocupada Gaza y que se pasea por los festivales del mundo. A sus casi 47 años y con dos hijos en casa, el intérprete de 'Sarri Sarri' sigue en primera línea del frente creativo y ha sido jurado en el festival FIPA de Biarritz.


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Fermin Muguruza

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